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Experience Rafting in Minamifurano & Tomamu, Hokkaido

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At Kawanoko Rafting, you can experience rafting on the Sorachi River and the Si-Sorapuchi River that flows through Minamifurano, Hokkaido.

In spring, you can experience the exciting tour with water from melting snow and continuous powerful waves.  Summer is the best season for rafting. Even elementary school students can experience the river descent at the clear source of water.

In autumn, you can go down the river while gazing at the scenery with fallen leaves.


You can experience the rafting that nature leaves to us at any time among the four seasons.


Raftting Tour details

Participation fee  Adults 6,600 yen  /  Children(6 to 12 yeas old)5,500 yen 

Gathering Time  ① 9:00  ② 13:00

Number of participants   2 people ~

Tour time  Approximately 3 hours (approximately 1 hr 30 mins for rafting)


Service including in the price

● Complete set of rafting equipment 

Dry suit, rafting boots, helmet, Life jacket, paddle 

● Photo service during the tour

If you make a reservation from Kawanoko’s home page, you will receive a free photo of the rafting tour (regular fee of 3,000 yen).

Drink Service

There are some drinks (HOT/COLD) for free at the end of the tour.

● About Kawanoko River Lodge facilities

You can use the changing rooms and the rest space of River Lodge which is located on the banks of the Si-Sorapuchi River.

● Pick-up Service

If you would like to use the free pick-up service to Hoshino Resorts Tomamu, please select the transfer time of "Kawanoko" from the official home page of Tomamau.

Why “Kawanoko” recommended?


White water in a miracle clear stream

Si-Sorapuchi River & the emerald green of Sorachi River, the clearest stream of Hokkaido.
Please come and see it with your own eyes


All of our guides have the qualification of RAJ

All the guides belonging to Kawanoko are licensed by RAJ, a national organization for rafting. We make every effort to ensure a safe tour.


The standard of Kawanoko

Kawanoko is a small tour with up to 3 boats. That is why we can take in as much fine-tuned service and uncompromising play as possible.



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